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Firework Displays

From a back garden ...
6 4th July lancework with waterfalls
Fountains and Strobes Strobes
Click on the Fountains to download the video
(mpeg: 5MB approx)


to an ocean bay  
Plymouth Tall Ships Display
Plymouth Tall Ships Display

... a display that fits your venue.
Triple Waterfall in Trees
... for example Trinity House London
wheels and comets fountain line with Tower of London
random fountains



From a Birthday
Jimmy 6 Truck lancework
6 Stage Lancework 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY', Wembley Conference Centre to an international gala

... a show that suits your celebration
Four 12' Fountains
Gerb Fountain
Gerb Wheels

Felix Nov 5th White Shells
Docklands Festival

Nov.5th party. Mines Rc's & shells

Nov.5th party. Purple shells over 30mm comets

Fanned batteries and Roman candles

Dove Fire Drawing

Dolphin, Snake & Penguin lanterns   (Snake  5'high)

Gerb Fountains

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